The.Me Showroom is our one-stop creative space specially tailored for distributors and retail buyers to come and shop for the products that best fit their brand. In addition, exclusives events, such as runway shows featuring key social influencers and and industry icons, will also be held here throughout the year. 

Ordering will never be easier. Our easy-to-use end-to-end ordering process is seamless and and straightforward. At the showroom, retailers can place an order instantly by scanning the QR code of the desired piece. Otherwise, our collection can be easily browsed and purchased through The.Me's intuitive mobile app. The app includes special features, like real-time order checking and interactive model videos, to enchance the shopping experience. In the future, the app will be further enriched with advanced technology to provide precise measurement accuracy and other important product features.


The showroom sparks innovative design thinking between foreign and local designers as well as starts the conversation between designers and retailers. All creative works start from inspiration  we want to be the platform where designers can share their inspirations with the actual retailers selling their products.

Designers even have the option of working with our expert public relations and promotions team to outline the perfect marketing and communications strategy to best position your brand for high exposure.